Leeds mum’s egg allergy shock

Jan Chippindale.
Jan Chippindale.
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Jan Chippindale has had to give up her favourite lunch – after she found omelettes were causing eggs-treme tiredness.

The 59-year-old was so exhausted she often nodded off at her desk and even when out with friends.

But she had no idea that the fatigue was caused by an allergy to eggs.

After cutting them out, as well as yeast and soya, she has no trouble staying awake.

She said: “I now feel a lot better and I don’t fall asleep at work. I have changed my diet and it has made all the difference.”

Mrs Chippindale, of Barwick-in-Elmet, near Leeds, had been feeling very tired for years.

“I fell asleep all the time - at work, in the pictures, at the theatre,” she said.

“If I started to relax in any way, shape or form, I just fell asleep.”

The problem was so bad that she would regularly nod off while working in her admin job at Dawson Rentals in Garforth.

“One young student we had with us was quite concerned,” she said. “He came over and tapped me. He said he thought I had died!”

The mother-of-three visited her GP who ran tests, but all came back clear. However, she later took a test through firm YorkTest which showed she was intolerant to eggs – which she ate regularly.

“I had omelettes every day for lunch,” she said. “Omelettes were a big favourite because they are so quick to do, or I’d have scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs with salad.”

Eggs are now strictly off the menu, along with bread and anything containing yeast or soya, which she is also sensitive to.

“I miss having eggs because they were my favourite and I miss bread because there’s nothing really that compares to it,” she said.

However Mrs Chippindale added: “I’ve lost about a stone in weight.I feel a lot more alert. I think it was worth it.”


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