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More than 400 people in Leeds know exactly what to do in a life-threatening emergency - thanks to the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Over the last 12 months we have helped to recruit an army of lifesavers to help in homes, workplaces and communities across the city.

Today we are calling on even more readers to help us reach our target of teaching basic first aid to 500 people in Leeds.

We teamed up with St John Ambulance after revealing more than half of Leeds parents lack the first aid skills to save a child’s life.

Our First Aid For All campaign has gained support from across the city from high-profile figures.

Leeds Rhinos stars pitched in to encourage fans to learn the lifesaving skills that can be the difference between life and death.

Leeds First Direct Arena even showed its true colours by going green to support our initiative.

YEP editor Jeremy Clifford said: “When we launched the campaign we wanted to give people the skills to perform life-saving skills recognising that vital minutes saved could save lives. So far 425 people now have those vital skills.

“We are so close to our target of 500, so we are extending our campaign to find 75 more people.

“It can be a frightening experience seeing a situation where you are powerless to do anything to help someone, as the people who have gone through our course will testify. So we urge people to take advantage of our First Aid for All campaign - you never know when you might need it.”

Nearly one-fifth of the city’s parents do not view learning first aid as important. And experts fear it would only take something as severe as the death of a loved on to make people learn basic first aid.

David Nicklen, St John Ambulance regional manager, said: “The partnership between St John Ambulance and the YEP has been a great boost for first aid in the area.

“We’ve succeeded in training over 400 new first aiders who are now all equipped to save lives in emergencies in their homes, workplaces and communities.

“We also hope readers have carefully absorbed the series of first aid tips printed so that they too can be the difference between a life lost or saved in an emergency.

“We want to now go full steam ahead towards our goal of training 500 – so that’s nearly another 100 people in the area with the skills needed to help people in situations such as choking, having a heart attack, falling unconscious or heavy bleeding.

“We would like to thank the YEP for their championing of this important cause, and for helping the community become a safer place.”


The YEP has teamed up with St John Ambulance to train an army of lifesavers in Leeds.

We are offering a discounted £20 course for readers to learn basic first aid skills.

To book ring 01924 262 726, choose option four and quote discount code 20EFAAA.

Courses will be at the Shine Business Centre, Harehills Road, on November 20 and 28.

They will also be at St John Ambulance, Gay Lane, Otley, on November 19 and December 20.

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