Leeds is king of black and white TV sets in the North

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Black and white television sets are still a fixture in 165 homes in Leeds, TV Licensing figures reveal.

Advances in technology have not made the nostalgic living room kit redundant just yet - nearly 48 years after colour transmissions began to replace monochrome ones. In fact Leeds residents’ affinity with black and white pictures remains so resilient that more people have black and white TV licences in the city than anywhere else in the north east of England.

Nationwide, the number of families watching on black and white TVs has dropped by 12 per cent in the past year but there are almost 12,000 sets still in use.

Iain Logie Baird, associate curator at the National Media Museum in Bradford and grandson of TV inventor John Logie Baird, said: “Despite over 25 million people opting for a colour TV Licence in the UK, it may be some time before the black and white television disappears completely from our living rooms.”

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