Leeds boy’s birthday balloon found in Hampshire after Facebook frenzy

Tyler Lake of Pudsey whose third birthday balloon floated through the sky to Hampshire
Tyler Lake of Pudsey whose third birthday balloon floated through the sky to Hampshire
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WHEN Kirsty Lorryman’s son Tyler let his helium balloon fly up, up and away, she could never have imagined that his birthday fun would become the talk of social media.

The three-year-old’s gift travelled a staggering 254 miles from Pudsey all the way down to Horndean in Hampshire.

Alfie Tallack, two

Alfie Tallack, two

Even more incredibly, after descending into little Alfie Tallack’s garden, it took just 24 hours – and a Facebook frenzy of 4,443 “shares” – to track down its young owner.

Eleven days after watching it float away into the sky, Kirsty received a message from a friend, asking “is this your Tyler?”

The 23-year-old said: “I cried when I saw it.”

She added: “I didn’t think it would land anywhere. I thought it would just disappear.

“If it had gone a little bit further it would have gone into the English Channel and no one would have seen it.”

When Tyler told his mum he wanted to “let the balloon go into the air” she wrote this message on it: “My name is Tyler and it was my third birthday. I wanted to send my balloon into the sky to say thank you for a lovely birthday... Tyler aged three, from Leeds.”

Just like most toddlers, once it was airborne, Tyler decided he wanted it back.

Unlike most youngsters, he actually got his wish.

Ten days after the balloon left Leeds, two-year-old Alfie Tallack, pictured, discovered it in his garden.

His mum, also called Kirsty, said: “We didn’t really think much of the sparkly paper Alfie brought in from the garden at first.

“It was only when I saw it was a balloon that we found the handwritten note.

“It brought a lump to my throat to think that Alfie had found something that was so special to another toddler.”

The mum-of-three added: “I wanted to find the little boy to let him know just how far it had travelled.

“Another gust of wind and it would have been in France.”

She posted a photo of the balloon and details of the handwritten note on Facebook and asked friends to share it.

“I really wasn’t expecting to find them.”

She added: “I was receiving messages and posts from all over the country saying how lovely it was and that they had shared the balloon story. It was very heart-warming.”

Alfie’s mum then took a photo of her little boy with his unusual find nd his brother Charlie and posted it with the balloon, back to Tyler, so his parents can 
tell him about its amazing journey.

She said: “We will be sending a balloon up when Alfie is three in February – how awesome would it be if Tyler found it?”

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