Leeds bar launches crazy golf course

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EVER since City Buzz first revealed one of Leeds’s most popular bars was launching a mini golf course, like everyone else we’ve been eagerly waiting to try it out.

And at long last we got the chance to get in the swing of things as Roxy Ballroom’s sporty new attraction finally opened its doors earlier this week.

Roxy Swingers Club. Pic: Contakt Photography.

Roxy Swingers Club. Pic: Contakt Photography.

The new safari-themed nine-hole mini golf course, called Roxy Swingers Club (seriously) comes complete with plenty of foliage, fake meerkats, a giraffe, rhino and even a gorilla.

City Buzz gave it our best shot when had a go on Wednesday and we were very pleasantly surprised.

It’s infectiously fun but not easy by any means (although we are pleased to announce that we narrowly beat the competition).

There are various obstacles including loop-the-loops and even beer barrels to work your way around, and at £5 a pop it’s a bit of a bargain too.

The bar on Albion Street already offers competitive punters the chance to battle it out at table tennis, pool and even American ‘Frat party’ favourite beer pong.

One of the Jones Group’s other sites, Roxy Lanes, which is just around the corner, also brings bowling into the mix and the company have really gone all out to establish a niche as the place to be for those who want to play while they party.

They’re far from the only ones though, and you may have noticed a growing number of concept-type bars doing the rounds now.

Whether it’s the Tiki Lounge at Call Lane Social, chemistry-inspired cocktails at The Alchemist, the New York themed Manahatta or new restaurant Pintura’s dedicated basement gin bar, it seems every new venue has to have a gimmick to make them stand out.

Even mainstays like Tiger Tiger Leeds have spotted the trend and invested thousands of pounds to turn the venue into a decked-out tiki bar with all the trimmings.

They’ve also created several other themed rooms, not to mention the big karaoke bar at the back.

This might be the norm for those who are new to the Leeds nightlife but for those of us who have been hitting the town for a while, we can appreciate that it was a very different story just a few years ago.

As bright-eyed teenagers, all it would take to tempt us into a bar would be cheap drinks and a dancefloor.

But as the competition has grown more and more fierce, it’s no longer enough to just offer the cheapest drinks or the cheesiest tunes if you’re wanting to stay ahead of the pack.

It’s survival of the fittest out there now and whilst that’s meant we’ve had to say goodbye to some old stalwarts along the way, with scores of bars scrambling for our business, punters have never had it so good.

This has proved to be a cataylst for innovation and imagination from our bar and club owners like never before and they’re having to come up with new and fresh ideas all the time to keep everyone interested.

City Buzz is all for it if it means brining exciting new concepts to the city that help add a new dimension to the nightlife offering.

And we reckon we’ll be seeing more of these kinds of bars shaking things up in the very near future.