It’s a family affair as your #YEPleeds prepares for new era

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Modern families often look very different to the traditional image of a married couple with 2.4 children – but whether yours resembles the Brady Bunch or the Mitchells, the Simpsons or Sopranos, we want to hear from you.

The Yorkshire Evening Post is preparing to launch a new platform – a page aimed at families across the city, whatever their shape, size and make-up.

To help us get it off the ground we are asking you to get in touch with the following: your favourite family recipes; your best-loved children’s books and why you cherish them; plus your top tips for family outings.

YEP managing editor Nicola Furbisher said: “Family life means something different to everyone and we want to know what’s important to yours.

“This is a great opportunity for our readers to influence the content of the YEP and help create a feature that’s tailor-made for them.

“Hopefully, it will become the go-to source for Leeds residents looking for the lowdown on family-friendly activities.”

The new feature is part of one of the biggest revamps the YEP has seen in its proud 125-year history.

The redesigned paper will have a brighter look and feel, reflecting its place at the heart of an upwardly-mobile city.

Additions to our regular roster of stories and features will include guides to the city’s top shopping bargains and the best spots to eat and drink in Leeds.

But the changes we have planned will not weaken our long-established crusading stance on behalf of our readers and the city of Leeds.

The YEP’s relaunch comes at the start of its 125th anniversary year, with our first ever edition having hit the streets on September 1, 1890.

The revamped YEP will hit the streets for the first time on Monday, January 19.

Earlier this week we asked readers whether the white rose should stay of go as we prepare to unveil our major redesign.

The county’s emblem was added to the paper’s masthead during the run-up to our 100th anniversary.

In a front page message to readers on the day it appeared, we said: “Today the Yorkshire Evening Post proudly carries a new titlepiece.

“It replaces outdated lettering introduced over 20 years ago.”

And hundreds of readers shared their thoughts with most of them suggesting that the rose should stay.

To get in touch with your family anecdotes, information and advice email


THE YORKSHIRE Evening Post is running a double recruitment drive.

As part of the revamp of the newspaper, we are putting together a team of volunteer correspondents who will compile weekly columns packed with grassroots news about the places where they live.

We are also searching for people interested in signing up as members of our reader panel. The panel will provide us with feedback on the paper’s redesign and will also be asked for their thoughts on topics in the headlines. E-mail