Crumbs! Leeds mum’s job is a perfect slice of bakery life

Maddie Munden busy earning a crust at the Asda House building in the centre of Leeds. PIC: Tony Johnson
Maddie Munden busy earning a crust at the Asda House building in the centre of Leeds. PIC: Tony Johnson
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When it comes to the world of work, Maddie Munden definitely knows which side her bread is buttered on.

For Maddie is a product development manager at Leeds-based supermarket giant Asda, testing and tasting as many as 90 different types of loaf every week.

And rating their appearance, texture, aroma and flavour is clearly something of a labour of love for the married mum-of-two, who says: “To me toast or bread baking in the oven is the ultimate smell.”

She told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “Every day is a new exciting challenge, whether it’s in the kitchen developing new recipes or taking part in quality checks on a current or new addition to the range.

“Some people can’t believe it when I tell them I’m tasting bread on a daily basis, sometimes solidly from nine ’til five, but it’s when the baker in me really comes out.

“One of the most important parts of my job is making sure that our customers are getting the best and tastiest loaves and with more than 300 lines in the in-store bread category, it’s a full-time job.

“We look at the life of the products and the density – I can’t bear a heavy loaf!”

Maddie, who is based at Asda House in Leeds, has had the recipe for success at work from the word go, earning the prestigious title of master baker just four years after embarking on her career aged 16.

Most recently she has been taking inspiration from America to help shape Asda’s spring and summer bread ranges – and today she gave YEP readers a tantalising taste of what she has in store for them over the next few months.

“Cornbread is hugely on-trend this year and our version was developed with the help of a homemade recipe from a close colleague in the bakery team,” said Maddie.

“We thought her version was just so good, we decided to put it into action and the vote was unanimous.

“I highly recommend trying the new cornbread and hosting your very own American barbecue complete with hotdogs and fries!”


More than 40 million loaves of bread are sold by Asda each and every year.

If the baguettes Asda sells to its customers every 12 days were laid end to end, they would stretch all the way from Leeds to Paris.

Asda sells around 35,000 of its Tiger Tails loaves every single day.

It takes less than 10 seconds for modern machinery to harvest enough wheat to make around 70 loaves of bread.

Asda’s bakery range also includes pancakes, which come in nine tempting flavours – taking in everything from maple to white chocolate.