City Buzz: Strange move as music festival sets up in Leeds

British Sea Power, who performed at Beacons Festival last year.
British Sea Power, who performed at Beacons Festival last year.
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WE were just starting to wonder where the eagerly-anticipated Beacons Festival announcement was when they came out with something we really weren’t expecting.

The popular music festival, which is normally held in a grassy field somewhere near Skipton, is ditching the usual formula and holding it slap bang in Leeds city centre.

The newly re-named ‘Beacons Metro’ event will be held at ‘three-storey, former textile mill in the heart of Leeds city centre’ on October 15 and will include film, music, art and food (see more details on p21).

Organisers have said the change was sparked from last year’s festivalgoers who said the camping situation was getting too pricy.

It’s a big loss for music festival fans’ calendars but a win for Leeds.

And while I’m all for championing local talent and am a big fan of the Live at Leeds festival, it just seems a bit strange that a seemingly successful festival would choose to seemingly downscale and dilute the already jam-packed Leeds music festival scene.

Nonetheless, further details about this year’s event are expected next month, so keep your eyes peeled in City Buzz and the YEP for the latest news.