City Buzz: Nutritionist opens new healthy restaurant in Leeds city centre

One of the healthy dishes at Nourish, Leeds.
One of the healthy dishes at Nourish, Leeds.
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AFTER the influx of meat-mad restaurants last year, it seems all the burger-gorging may have finally taken its toll.

Perhaps that’s why the latest food craze hitting Leeds just before summer is focussed on healthy lunchtime alternatives.

City Buzz previously revealed that calorie-counting restaurant Itsu is opening at the old Barratts shoe shop on Commercial Street.

But hot on Itsu’s heels will be Nourish, which will open on Bond Street at the start of July.

Set up by nutritionist David Stache, it aims to provide a healthy fast food option that is ‘accessible and affordable’, as well as educating people on what makes a healthy choice for them and their lifestyle.

Nourish will be open from 7am on weekdays, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner options including wraps, sandwiches, curries, salads and superfood boxes, as well as unusual combinations such as green tea-poached salmon.

Each meal has a carefully-considered balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats and you can also read up on each dish’s nutritional values.

The first Nourish opened in Sheffield in 2013 and has been a hit so we’re sure this will be too.

Keep your eyes peeled in the City Buzz section as we’ll have all the gossip when it opens.