City Buzz: New lease of life for forgotten Leeds shopping centre?

The Core, Leeds city centre.
The Core, Leeds city centre.
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THERE’S no denying the dominating shopping destination in the city centre is Trinity Leeds.

That’s just agiven.

When it opened back in 2013 you could almost hear the other centres whimpering in fear.

But one shopping centre that seems to have struggled for some time –before the so-called ‘Trinity effect’ – is The Core.

The site, which is nestled between a car park and The Headrow. is in a prime city centre location yet is just that little bit too tucked away and has seemingly struggled in the past to pull in brands and fill all of its units.

Every time I’ve been in, there’s been plenty of empty shops waiting to be snapped up. So it’s good to hear the centre is getting a bit of a push.

City Buzz found out the site could be rebranding this year as a leisure/food and drink destination.

With so much competition, it’s probably wise to specialise in something specific.

And with Yorkshire-based frozen yoghurt bar Yoghies moving in recently, it looks like the plan is well under way.

Let’s hope this is what it will take to bring this little forgotten piece of Leeds city centre back to life.