City Buzz: Floored by Pavement Poet’s arty efforts in Leeds

The Pavement Poet in Leeds city centre.
The Pavement Poet in Leeds city centre.
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WHEN WALKING around Leeds, some of us have a bad habit of staring down at the pavements.

Either that, or you’re glaring down into a newspaper, looking at your phone or simply trying to avoid eye contact with strangers – we all fall into the trap every now and then.

I’m a serial offender when it comes to this behaviour and apart from finding a tenner on the floor by Topshop about 10 years ago, sadly it’s never really had any benefits.

So I was pleased to see that this week there was something other than chewing gum-stained and fag butt-filled floors to look at.

The Pavement Poet came to Leeds city centre and scribbled down some of his thought-provoking words on the city’s streets.

The colourful chalk artwork genuinely brightened up my day and encouraged a smile from almost everyone that walked past.

You might not think the words and art are anything fancy or particularly profound, but it’s this kind of spontaneous performance art that Leeds should be proud of.

It all adds to the feeling of a bustling city with an abundance of talent that is literally pouring out onto the streets.

As I’ve said before in previous columns, buskers are also a massively important part of the city’s identity that help add a vibrant and modern edge that really keeps London on its toes.

I hope the Pavement Poet returns for some more artwork in the future, and other talented artists seize the opportunity to take the city’s streets and contribute to the vibe of our lively city.