City Buzz: City centre isn’t right move for Leeds students

Leeds city centre.
Leeds city centre.
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AS a former Leeds university student, I’m well aware there’s a rite of passage when it comes to living away from home.

The first step is trying to make sense of the far-flung, strange new area where your student halls are.

Then it’s onwards and upwards to trendy but laid-back areas like Hyde Park, where you get more for your money and try to cling on to as much of your student loan as humanly possible so that you can splurge the rest on nights out.

You might stay put for a couple of years before you graduate to the slightly more residential and pricier area of Headingley.

Maybe then you might even reach the dizzying heights of Meanwood or Far Headingley, if you’re lucky.

So I was surprised to read the YEP story that said students these days are choosing to shun this ingrained formula and are forking out a small fortune to live in the city centre.

We all know it doesn’t come to cheap to live in the heart of Leeds.

So either these newbies will be facing horrendous loan repayments once they’re out of university, or university fees are so high these days that only the elite can afford it.

I’m sure some people in the north Leeds areas might be rejoicing to hear of the mass exodus of students, but I think these students are missing out.

OK, maybe there’s a hint of the green-eyed monster, as I’d love to live in a swanky city centre pad. But it’s out in more residential areas where you get a more real sense of community. Either way, I just hope these students think about it before potentially making the wrong move.