#AprilFool: New ‘Park and Zorb’ scheme set for Leeds

Leeds has been chosen for a 'park and zorb' trial
Leeds has been chosen for a 'park and zorb' trial
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Did you fall for our April Fool? Yes it was our quirky take on the traditional ‘park and ride’ system set to get commuters in a spin in Leeds.

The city has been chosen to trial a ‘Park and Zorb’ station in a bid to cut air pollution and give office-goers a fun and healthy alternative journey to work.

Leeds is one of 23 commuter hotspots identified across the UK where the trial is being launched.

For just £2.50 a day, or £9.99 for a five-day pass, city workers will be able to leave their cars in the Park-and-Zorb station at Elland Road - and roll the rest of the way to work.

The brains behind the innovative transport scheme is LivingSocial - an online marketplace where shoppers can buy local experiences.

It has been selling Zorbing activities - where users roll inside an orb made of transparent plastic - for a number of years and has now pledged to develop the activity as a green commuting alternative.

They say zorbs are low cost, easy-to-use, emission-free and have a maximum speed of well within the 20mph limit set it some built up areas.

Steve Marritt, CEO of LivingSocial UK, said: “A number of international companies like ours are looking into alternative modes of transport such as electric-powered vehicles and self-drive cars.

“We have the advantage of knowing this sector well having offered Zorb-based activities for four years. We have partnered with our network of suppliers across the UK and this has allowed us to turn our vision into a reality here in Leeds.

“Not only does it extend our business footprint into transport, it provides us with a new, weekday income stream and, from an environmental point-of-view, it will help to meet city centre carbon emission targets. It’s a win-win, win.

“The short-term plan is to take the number of Park-and-Zorb stations to 50 by the end of 2015 and we’ve set our sights on Europe during 2016.”