Another unseasonably warm November day - how long will it last?

An unseasonably warm November
An unseasonably warm November
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Monday saw one of the warmest November nights on record and we have already had the hottest November day ever record in the UK as parts of the country hit 22.4c last week...so will it last?

Well, yes, for this week anyway.

The Met Office is forecasting “Exceptionally mild” conditions this week all the way through until Saturday, with the maximum temperature in yorkshire reaching a very comfortable 16c today, a number not out of place in August let alone November.

Exceptional warmth in November in the UK is almost always imported - delivered from sub-tropical latitudes by a strong southwesterly or southerly wind.

Here’s your full look at a warm week ahead:

Today - Exceptionally mild, despite a generally cloudy day with very limited bright intervals. Outbreaks of rain will arrive, these mainly across the Pennines, with most places further east staying dry. Windy, with possibly gales in places, especially over high ground initially.

Wednesday - Overcast with outbreaks of rain across eastern areas, and more persistent rain across the Pennines. Remaining breezy and very mild everywhere. Later drier conditions may arrive across North Yorkshire.

Thursday to Saturday - Thursday dry and bright morning, then becoming windy, with rain arriving later. Friday colder and windy with heavy showers. Saturday staying windy but turning milder with rain later.