Off-road racing Leeds husband and wife

Bernadette and Richard Copsey landed the Comp Safari title.
Bernadette and Richard Copsey landed the Comp Safari title.
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A pair of off-road racers are streets ahead of the competition after scooping first place at the UK championships.

Husband and wife duo Bernadette and Richard Copsey from Otley have been competing in the sport for just one year and will take part in another competition – Comp Safari – later this year.

The couple were competing in off-road motorbike contests when friends introduced them to the new sport.

Bernadette, 35, and tree surgeon, Richard, 40, bought their first off-road car last March and Mr Copsey often tweaks their Bowler Wildcat in their garage before big races.

Mum-of-four Bernadette said: “Richard is the driver and I’m the navigator. The intention was to share the driving but his competitive side kicked in.

“I don’t mind because I get zero responsibility when we hit a tree head on and my actual job is to tell him what to do and he can’t argue back – the perfect job for any wife!”

The couple did their first race at Waterbeach near Cambridge last year.

Despite tough weather conditions, they won first place in the UK Championship diesel class, first in the Northern Off Road Club (NORC) diesel class and sixth overall in the UK Championship.

Yorkshire-based NORC has 60 members that meet up monthly to share their passion for the high adrenalin motor sport and the club is currently looking for new recruits.

Bernadette added: “This is an excellent sport for car and outdoor enthusiasts.

“It’s an economical form of rallying as it’s not hugely commercial, it can cost as much or as little as you want.

“It’s friendly, fun, fast and rough, you’ve got to like mud.”

For competitions, each car is put into different classes depending on the make and engine size and competitors must wear overalls, helmets and harnesses at all times.

For more details about NORC or to join the group, visit:

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