Obituary: Batley’s Jack - veteran of Second World War and hatcher of rare breed free range supermarket eggs - has died, aged 96

Jack Bunn with his Oakham Blue chick
Jack Bunn with his Oakham Blue chick
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JACK Bunn, veteran of the Second World War and long term resident of Hanging Heaton, Batley, died on Monday November 16 following a short illness. He was 96.

Jack was well known in the town of Batley and was a member of many committees during his lifetime, including being the chair of Hanging Heaton Village Association. He was a veteran of the Second World War and, according to son Barry, 70, had seven bullet wounds in his body from his time during the conflict.

Long-time Hanging Heaton resident Jack Bunn has written down lots of his memories about village life. (D524B447)

Long-time Hanging Heaton resident Jack Bunn has written down lots of his memories about village life. (D524B447)

After the war he worked mainly as a driver before retiring.

He also looked after a number of animals on his smallholding and in November 2004, he hit the national headlines after hatching a rare Oakham Blue chicken from an egg he bought off the shelf at his local Tesco.

He quipped at the time: “One of my own hens was becoming broody so I decided to see if the Tesco eggs really were free range.”

The hen went on to lay eggs of its own.

Son Barry said: “He was champion, he was old fashioned but in a good way - he wasn’t into computers, he preferred to put pen to paper. He was a good father to me.”

He fought in five countries around Europe during the Second World War and once recalled meeting German soldiers during a lull in the fighting. He rarely spoke about his war years but in an interview with this paper, once recalled: “We were outside a village in Franch and a white flag went up and the Germans came up to see us and we had cigarettes together. Then we got the call on the radio from our side, bombers were coming, so, we had to tell the Germans to go back down and they were bombed.”

Jack died from septicemia in Pinderfields Hospotal. His late wife Eileen died in 2010. Jack leaves four children, Barry, Michael, Lynda and Beverley, along with a number of grandchildren.

His funeral will take place at Dewsbury Moor Crematorium on Tuesday December 1, at 12.30pm. The funeral is being handled by George Brookes undertakers, of Dewsbury.

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