Nurse jailed for stealing £127,000 from her mother who suffered from dementia

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A NURSE has been jailed after she lived the high life by stealing more than £120,000 from her dementia sufferer mother’s bank account, a court heard.

Helen Brook stole £127,878 from the account while her stricken mother Nancy Maeer was being treated in a care home.

Brook, 39, of Pollards Field, Knottingley, spent £20,000 of the cash on a Mercedes 4X4 and also splashed out £12,000 on a Rolex watch.

Brook, who worked as a nurse, had received financial help from her parents since she was a teenager.

After her father died and her mother was admitted to a care home, Brook was given the responsibility to look after for her mother’s finances.

Leeds Crown Court heard police became involved after some fees for Mrs Maeer’s care at the home were not paid.

Brook pleaded guilty to once offence of theft which took place between April 2010 and September 2013. After being arrested she told police she committed the offence as she did not want her inheritance to be lost on paying her mother’s care home fees.

Judge Geoffrey Marson, QC, jailed Brook for 18 months.

He said: “Nothing but immediate custody can possibly be justified.

“You sought to get your inheritance early at the expense of others.”

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