'Not the slightest remorse': Obsessive boyfriend subjected partner to years of degrading and humiliating abuse

A man who subjected his girlfriend to years of violent and degrading abuse has been locked up for two years.

By Tony Gardner
Thursday, 19th December 2019, 5:00 pm

Przemyslaw Bartosz was told he had shown "no remorse" for humiliating his partner and assaulting her on a regular basis for over three years.

Leeds Crown Court heard Bartosz, of Sandringham Crescent, Moortown, became violent if the woman ever put on a dress or wore make-up.

He also wrongly accused her of having affairs with other men.

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Leeds Crown Court

On one occasion he slapped her hard across the face before she went to work a night shift so she "would have to think about him" while she was working.

Bartosz, of Sandringham Crescent, Moortown, was found guilty of an offence of controlling and coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship and two offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The victim gave evidence before the jury during a five-day trial.

Sentencing Bartosz, Judge Tom Bayliss, QC, said: "You regularly humiliated and degraded her.

Prezemyslaw Bartosz was jailed two years

"The impact of your behaviour on her was obvious to people who knew her and was obvious to me when I witnessed her give evidence.

"You have not shown the slightest remorse."

The court heard Bartosz and the woman were in a relationship for four and a half years before he was arrested.

The 42-year-old became violent towards her after the first year of their relationship.

Bartosz, described as an "obsessive and jealous man", first assaulted the woman in October 2015 when he hit her across both cheeks during a row over money.

The victim was left dazed by the attack.

The court heard he would accuse her of having an affair whenever she wore a dress.

On another occasion he attacked her and said he would "teach her how to use a watch" when he became angry over the amount of time she spent with her sister.

Bartosz hit his partner and poured cold tea over her in October 2017 when he became angry after accusing her of telling her work colleagues about the abuse.

The victim told jurors at the trial how Bartosz made her feel "really little, like an ant."

She said: "I felt he had power and I was scared of him."

The defendant also subjected the woman to humiliating verbal abuse.

She said: "I got used to being assaulted. I was used to the pain so he wanted to humiliate me in some other way."

During another attack he hit her over the head with an internet router during an argument over who paid for the internet.

While the woman was being attacked during another violent outburst, she asked Bartosz: "Why are you hitting me? Why are you kicking me?"

He replied: "Because I can."

Timothy Jacobs, mitigating, said Bartosz had tuberculosis and would struggle to cope in custody.

Mr Jacobs said the defendant worked as a weaver in the textile industry and planned to return to Poland after completing his prison sentence.