Not fast food as Issho perfects dish

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An old Japanese style recipe that has been six years in the making is finally ready to come out of the kitchen.

A recipe for Japanese ramen, a dish that is thought to have originated in the early 1900s, is the highlight of the newly opened Kori bar in Issho, one of two roof-top restaurants to launch in extravagant style at Victoria Gate in recent weeks.

Executive chef at Issho, Ben Orpwood has literally been working on producing the dish for six years - including when he worked at other Japanese restaurants Zuma and Sexy Fish.

Traditional Ramen is a wheat based dish, served in meat or fish based broth. Each region of Japan has its own speciality but they are often topped with sliced pork, seaweed and onions.

Ben has created two types of ramen that will only be served on a Monday at the Kori bar because of the preparation time involved.

They will be ‘Issho Tonkotsu Ramen, Pork & Chicken Broth’ and ‘Shitake Udon, Vegetable Broth’

He said: “A ramen recipe is never really completed. It evolves over time – a minor tweak here, a minor tweak there – in a bid to perfect the flavour.

“I’ve been cooking ramen professionally for six years now and it’s evolved from day one.

“What we are offering here is true, authentic Japanese ramen. There’s no just-add-water powders, no cheats, no short-cuts.

“ It’s a labour of love, prepared and cooked for hours fresh each day we serve it. As such, we’re only serving it once a week and will open Kori bar on Mondays essentially just for this ramen.”

In addition the new Monday menu will also include more than 20 dishes and snacks as well as a traditional Bento Box. The a la carte menu is still available the rest of the week.