No horsing around - this is a nag’s tail with a very Happy ending

Amy Sheddon from the Hope Pastures Horse and Donkey Sanctuary attaches the new artificial tail to Happy.
Amy Sheddon from the Hope Pastures Horse and Donkey Sanctuary attaches the new artificial tail to Happy.
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Rescue horse Happy is now living up to his name – after being fitted with a fake tail.

The 20-year-old had to have his tail removed after being diagnosed with melanoma, which has now been treated.

The former show-jumping horse was taken on by Hope Pastures in north Leeds three months ago.

And he was re-homed last week.

New owner Anita Elcome said: “The tail helps keep the flies away and not having one can also have a psychological impact.

“They swish their tails when they are angry or flick them when they are happy and not having one really does affect them.

“I think Happy will really enjoy having a tail back.”

The tail, made of horse hair, normally costs around £70 but has been donated to Happy for free by Stockport-based company Horse Hair Extensions.

She added: “I saw his story on the website and just really liked the look of him.

“The fact that Happy didn’t have a tail didn’t put me off at all.

“Looks aren’t everything and it’s the personality that counts and he’s certainly got one of those. He is very laid back and lives up to his name.

“The kids love him as well.

“I lost my horse six months ago so was looking for another one and found him on the Hope Pastures website.”

Happy, whose new home is in Knaresborough, will soon have his new tail woven in to his remaining hair.

Amy Shedden is the fundraising and re-homing co-ordinator at Hope Pastures.

She said: “We got Happy in April after his owner could no longer look after him and he was due to be put to sleep. But he is lots better now.

“Unfortunately his tail had to be removed but he is in good health.

“The recession is having a massive impact on horse sanctuaries. Owners are no longer able to afford to keep their horses and therefore we have to help ones like Happy.”

Other horses at the sanctuary on Weetwood Lane are also in need of a home.

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