No escape as game craze sweeps the city

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there seems to be no escape from the reality game craze that is sweeping Leeds.

It is the thing to do at the moment for families looking for a different activity to do together, stag and hen parties testing their brain power before drinking power and corporate team-building events have moved on from sitting around a table with sticky notes. And the game that started it all, Parapark, has come to Leeds and within a month of opening on Vicar Lane, it is launching its second game room, such has been the popularity of the first course,

Sebastian Ardron, 24, and business partner Sandor Godo, 28, brought the concept – where teams solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and strategy – to Leeds from Hungary. They obtained a franchise for the Leeds site from the founder of the concept, Attila Gyurkovics. He launched a game in Budapest and since then the craze has spread across Europe and has now reached Britain with a bang.

There are also other games from different firms at King Street with Tick Tock Unlock and a hyper reality game launched in Trinity last month.

Of the popularity of the games, Sebastian said: “You can go and watch a movie or sit there and play a video game or go to a bar but there is nothing else like it where you have this challenge and are taken away from everything and forget about everything for one hour and work with a team and come out with a sense of achievement.

“Parapark if you look on a map has spread out from Hungary and London. This is the first in Leeds and it has gone so well.”