Nine-year-old Thai boxer from Leeds is three times world champion

A primary school child from Leeds has won three Thai boxing world champion titles, despite only being nine years old.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th January 2019, 5:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 1:43 pm
Archie Boyne, has won three world championships at age nine.
Archie Boyne, has won three world championships at age nine.

Archie Boyne, from Crossgates, has been Thai boxing since he was four years old


He won his first fight aged five when he won the Five Nations title for his age group.

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Archie Boyne, has won three world championships at age nine.

Since then he has won a Northern Area title, a British Champion belt and in October last year, he won three World Champion titles.

Archie’s mother, Nicola Smith, 34, said: “At first it was just a hobby and a bit of discipline for him. We never even dreamed he’d be so good.

“The sport wasn’t as popular when he first started fighting so he was always sparring with bigger boys. I think that’s why he is absolutely fearless now.”

This fearlessness came in handy when he went to the World Unified Championship in Italy last year as part of the World Traditional Karate Association’s Great Britain team.

Archie and his coach Andy Howson.

There he fought a much larger boy, which his mother said was like watching ‘David and Goliath.’

Archie, who trains at Bad Company on York Road, said: “The boy was 6kg heavier than me and other people might not have fought him but I just went for it and I won.”

“I just love Thai boxing and I want to keep winning world championship titles.”

Archie’s school friends at St Theresa’s Catholic Primary School have been very supportive of his Thai boxing career.

His friends enjoying watching him train and raising money towards his competitions.

Miss Smith, who’s also mum to six-year-old ballerina Indie-Rose, said: “He said he wanted to be a world champion by ten and he’s done that. I’m so proud of him.”

Archie’s father, Daniel Boyne, 35 said: “Its nerve-wracking watching him fight but I’m so proud. He motivates me to keep up with exercise.

“There’s talk of Thai boxing becoming an Olympic sport. I would be absolutely thrilled if Archie represented Great Britain one day.”

“I’m amazed at how dedicated he is. He’s achieved more in ten years than I have in 35.”

Thai Boxing, known as Muay Thai, is a combat sport where fighters can use both hands, elbows, knees and legs to attack an opponent.

Junior fighters have fighting restrictions and must wear protective gear to limit injuries.