New York’s example can help the North become economic powerhouse

Goegre Osborne and Michael Bloomberg say the North should draw inspiration from New York.
Goegre Osborne and Michael Bloomberg say the North should draw inspiration from New York.
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THE former mayor of New York has challenged the North’s major towns and cities to pull together to counteract London’s economic dominance.

Writing in The Yorkshire Post today, Michael Bloomberg, and former chancellor George Osborne, also claim that localism can help to negate the rise of populism.

Launching the next phase of Mr Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse Partnership which builds on the work that he undertook at the Treasury, they accept that not enough was done to explain the economic benefits of globalisation. “Rather than seeking refuge in nationalism and isolationism, we believe that a better response to globalisation lies in localisation,” conclude the two leaders in a joint piece.

Their endorsement of metro-mayors to provide local leadership provides further impetus to efforts to end Yorkshire’s devolution deadlock.

“By linking together the old cities and towns of the north of England, and devolving greater powers to their mayors, these cities can enjoy the kind of advantages of scale that bigger cities like London and New York enjoy, and which they have used to great effect,” write the politicians. “By joining forces, the whole of a region can be bigger than its parts – and also more effective at persuading the central Government to support their interests.”

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