New year and new hope for Leeds dogs in need

BEST FRIEND: Amanda Sands, manager at the Dog's Trust, with her own rescue dog Clooney.
BEST FRIEND: Amanda Sands, manager at the Dog's Trust, with her own rescue dog Clooney.
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A dog re-homing charity is hoping that the new year brings a new start for some of the 92 unwanted dogs it is caring for.

The Leeds branch of the Dogs Trust is full to capacity and says it has more dogs coming in than it can find homes for, including a dog with nine puppies that are just a fortnight old.

And while traditionally some animal re-homing organisations found they were extra busy around the festive period, it is now becoming the norm all year round.

Manager Amanda Sands said: “We are so full all the time, we are under pressure all the time so we don’t notice any more at Christmas. There are more dogs coming in than going out.”

However, she said it was business as usual on Christmas Day, with full staff coming in to make sure all the 92 dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes were walked and fed – and they even had their own Christmas dinner.

She said: “All the dogs have a Christmas dinner with turkey, potatoes, vegetables, sausages and gravy and they all have a stocking each with treats and a toy.”

Ms Sands said that dog lovers in Leeds were constantly bringing in donations and food for the animals and chocolates for the staff.

She added: “People are extremely generous and coming in all the time bringing things for the dogs so we shared them out between them and wrapped them up for them. The little extras always help.

“It was a really nice atmosphere working on Christmas Day. Staff wore Christmas hats and were jolly.”

And there was a happy Christmas for one of the longest-standing residents at the branch based off York Road.

Gizmo, a large cross-breed was re-homed after 20 months in time for Christmas in his new home.

Ms Sands added: “He went just before Christmas and he has been here 20 months and when you have a dog like that go to a new home, that is extra special.”


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