New study reveals whether we love or hate Marmite

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New breakthrough study reveals whether we love or hate Marmite - and the answer is in our genes.

It comes after Marmite paired up with genetic testing centre DNAFit to see if our love or hate for the product is down to a biological link.

The scientific study, named ‘The Marmite Gene Project’, has scientifically proven that there is a correlation between preference and genes, showing “a genetic foundation to Marmite taste preference”.

The clinical trial, which took 12 months to conduct, recruited over 260 healthy UK adults, half male and half female.

Participants first tasted a 2g serving of Marmite then wrote down their preference.

DNA samples were then taken and sent for genetic analysis.

According to scientists, this analysis would be able to identify any SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphisms) in the genetic structure that indicate whether a person has a specific Marmite taste preference!

After 8,760 hours were spent testing for the clinical trial and the project found 15 candidate SNPs linked to Marmite taste preference.

Philippa Atkinson, Marmite Brand Manager, said: “For over a century we too have been questioning why the nation are so clearly divided between love or hate for Marmite. Finally, we have the answers”.

“While it’s fascinating looking at the data on this scale, the fun really starts when you test your own DNA and begin to delve into your own genetic make-up and see if you were born a lover or hater of Marmite.”