New leash of life for blind canine

Debbie Marsden from Flushdyke Kennels, in Ossett, with Akita Nori.
Debbie Marsden from Flushdyke Kennels, in Ossett, with Akita Nori.
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He has endured an unhappy – but now blind dog Nori has got a spring back in his step thank to a canine charity.

The Akita was discovered wandering around Leeds by a dog warden who became concerned about his condition.

Nori, which means belief, was handed to Flushdyke Kennels, in Ossett, for help.

Within days of his arrival, Nori had captured the hearts of the kennels Facebook fans who received regular updates about his progress.

Kennels manager Sam Gray-Cowan said: “Everyone has really taken to him.

“When he arrived we were just heartbroken with the state of him.

“All of the staff wanted to take him home and we were just so disgusted that someone had left him like that.

“The reaction on Facebook has been crazy and people were just upset with the condition that a potential owner would have left him in.”

Sam said there had been no reports of a lost dog matching Nori’s description to the local authority so they decided to start the search for a new home for the canine.

Donations flooded in to the kennels from social networking websites after people read about Nori’s condition. And their generosity has funded special blood tests to discover whether the dog has a rare eye condition.

Nori has now been whisked away to a new home in Essex with charity Animal Welfare.

Sam said the charity had previously looked after a dog that had trouble with their sight but after surgery the dog’s sight has been restored.

She is now hoping that a similar procedure could be made available to Nori with the right treatment.

Sam added: “He has been absolutely lovely and he is so friendly.

“It was certainly a mix of emotion when he left us for his new home.

“We hope that he will get a whole new lease of life at his new home.”