New lease of life for east Leeds pub

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A FORMER notorious east Leeds pub is being given a new lease of life as a discount food store.

The Family Shopper store is set to open tomorrow (Thursday) at 10am the site of the former Dog and Gun pub, at York Road, Gipton.

Several new jobs up for grabs and locals are being asked to hand their CV into the store when it opens.

The pub, which was built in 1910, recently closed its doors.

The new store will still maintain some of the pub’s original features including its 70-year-old mirror inside, harking back to the days when the building was a focal point for the Gipton community.

The venue will be opened by the parents of the new manager Jas Singh and there will be plenty of freebies given away, said David Tee of Family Shopper.

It will be run by Mr Singh, who currently owns Premiere Foodstore in Morley.

Mr Tee, of Family Shopper, told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “We have plenty of items on offer for a pound including ready meals.

“We are a discounted food store and it is our first one in Leeds.

“There are more than 50 other stores around the UK.

“The manager is very keen to be a key part of the community and want to get involved with sporting teams and find out what is happening.”

On the Family Shopper Leeds Facebook page it states: “We recognises that heritage and culture within the local community is extremely massive.

“Keeping that in mind, we’ve put up the original Dog and Gun Leeds mirror which dates back from 1940.

“We are proud of his and wish to support the local community in any way possible.”

The page also shares a slide show made by Phil Edwards, showing historical pictures dating back to 1910 of the Dog and Gun site.

An image in 1965 shows a tram passing by the site.