New future for your #YEPleeds newspaper

Our newsroom of the future.
Our newsroom of the future.
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Today is the beginning of yet another chapter in the history of your newspaper.

Over the past 125 years that this newspaper has been bringing readers all the news, sport, information and readers from our patch, we have seen many changes.

A revolutionary 
approach to our newsroom to bring news as it happens.

And we need to constantly change and adapt to keep up with the pace with which people want that information given to them.

So today we are launching a new-look newsroom to ensure our journalists can properly keep you up to date and ensure we give the unrivalled breadth of coverage across Leeds.

We now have two teams of reporters. Our multimedia reporters will bring you the breaking news as it happens, have more time to delve into the background of the stories, dig behind the headlines to provide more context to what is going on in Leeds and to craft the campaigns that enable us to live up to our tagline of #ChampioningLeeds.

We have a new online live breaking newsfeed called #YEPlive that will be constantly updated throughout the day with the news as it happens. It will be fed not only by our reporters, but also from live feeds from the likes of the emergency services, traffic organisations and health bodies so that if you want the news immediately, you’ve got it.

Our second team of reporters are charged with covering in more depth the communities that make up Leeds. We want you to provide us with your news, views and pictures. It is your newspaper and we want you to play an important part in making sure we cover the territory.

Editor Jeremy Clifford said: “We are proud of the way we have led change to reflect the changing nature of Leeds and the demands of our readers. This is a revolutionary new approach by dividing up our news teams which means we can provide even more focus on both our community coverage and the big breaking and in-depth stories.

“It also allows us to make sure our website is kept up to date with all the breaking news as it happens.”