New coffee house aiming to tackle social issues

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A new social enterprise coffee house opens in the Leeds business district later this month.

Cielo was started by husband and wife duo, Nick and Linda Castle during a late night conversation about being dissatisfied with their current jobs and what would they do if money were no object.

They wanted to tackle issues over loneliness on the basis that anyone can find something to talk about over a coffee.

After just a month, with backers giving financial support via ‘Crowdfunding’, they hit and surpassed the £20,000 start up costs needed to open a third venture on York Place following start ups in Crossgates and Duncan Street in Leeds.

There will also be sourdough sandwiches, artisan salads and pastries.

Since 2008, Cielo, a not for profit venture, has handed out £3000 to various local projects and the York Place venue is being aided by the Diocese of Leeds who are subsidising rent and refurbishment costs. York Place is opening on Tuesday September 27