New £20m Leeds Station entrance: YEP readers have their say

4 Jan 2016......Opening of new entrance at Leeds Station. Picture Scott Merrylees
4 Jan 2016......Opening of new entrance at Leeds Station. Picture Scott Merrylees
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This week the new £20m entrance to Leeds Station opened to commuters. We asked YEP readers for their opinions on social media, see their top responses on our Facebook page below.

Katie Zivarts

£20m could have helped every single homeless person in Leeds and built some more houses for those who are desperate...or some more 
care homes for the elderly. 
But sure let’s help save people a bit more travel time instead...because that’s a priority.

Lewis Miller

After moving out of Leeds to the capital four years ago, I’ve come to realise how behind the times the people of Leeds are and Leeds itself as a city. This is a fantastic move for Leeds and its infrastructure.

Amy Hearn

Anyone who actually uses Leeds train station during peak times for a daily commute knows a second entrance was badly needed. The current entrance is badly congested as the rail service is extremely well used.

Ian Sandford

Wow, here we go again. I’m all for improving the vital infrastructure of Leeds as a massively important and fantastic city but is there ever proper consultation before spending huge sums on such non-essential projects? If so, with whom? £30m on an unwanted cycle lane to Bradford, £20m on an entrance to a train station – who on earth approves this kind of spending and then says there’s no money for schools, police, fire services, NHS, or even proper repairs for all the pot holes not on the Tour de Yorkshire route – come on, Leeds CC, stop massaging faceless egos and get back to making decisions based on needs of the real world out here! Yes, it keeps a good few people in work but I’d rather see their skills used on essential projects that benefit the many rather than the few! Bridge building and flood defence will be high on the agenda now I hope?

Johnny Abraham

It looks like it’s been modelled on something Daft Punk would wear! It doesn’t fit in with anything at the station or its surroundings at all. I think £20m could have been put to better use in Leeds, that said, it is a good link to the “digital quarter” and what will no doubt be a growth area for Leeds.

Nicola Tilly Tally Carney

It’s about time we spent money on the infrastructure of our can be seen from a distance and is an amazing piece of architecture..about time! Looking forward to Burberry developing this end of Leeds too.

Rich Golden

It looks trashy, cheap and dated. It’s totally at odds with its surroundings and just like the only other big spends in Leeds city centre, (ie) dreary shopping centres, it still leaves Leeds years behind cities like Sheffield, Liverpool and Manchester.

£20m should be spent on cleaning up Leeds and its surrounding transport infrastructure, litter strewn roads, slip roads and rail track sidings, and 30 plus grotty rolling stock are a disgrace and an insult to all Leeds council tax payers and commuters. It would say a great deal more about Leeds and the approaches to Leeds train stations, and indeed the station itself, which is permanantly filthy inside, if we addressed the embarrassment of how visitors to the city must feel when they witness such low standards.

I’ve lived in Leeds for 15 years and still to witness anything worthwhile having been built anywhere in the city centre. Leeds is a cultural vacuum, 
and a £20m gold station entrance which is neither innovative or architecturally relevant, compounds this still further.

Anna Bainbridge

Always thought an exit on this side was needed when I worked south of Leeds station for years and remember it being mooted five plus years ago. But would have been far happier with something functional and quick. £20m cost seems excessive and several years later than it probably could have been. (No use to me now, but glad for Leeds folk its finally done)

James Cook

What was the need in that! A perfectly normal entrance would have been enough! These people know how to waste money! If they wanted to invest in something that will make a difference in Leeds it would be in the public transport in general not just on the an entrance

Paul Yod Conway

TWENTY million pounds does not go that far when you consider that’s paid for designers, architects, engineers, a skilled workforce who have all spent over a year there building it, fabricators who built the sections offsite, welders to fix the sections together, scaffolders, bricklayers, labourers, hired cranes to lift sections ( they cost over £1,000 a day ) that’s kept a lot of people in work who all pay taxes, these are all highly skilled people who are not, and rightly so, on minimum wage, they cannot just put a door there as a few people are saying unless you want Leeds to be in the news because people were hurt because there was a crush and people got hurt at rush hour.

Jojo Scott

I think Leeds City Council are wasting money left, right and centre – your fancy new entrance and cycle lane could have prevented countless much needed care homes from closing amongst a zillion other needed services. But appearances are what’s always important to the bourgeoisie as opposed to caring about real issues in the world.

Julie Haley

The station needs to keep up with the amount of people Leeds has. It’s got 100,000 going through main entrance currently. Compared to the South, northern cities have been left behind.

Andrew Crowther

£20m spent on a new front door is very good, but they could have spent that on less overcrowding of trains and better rail services in and out of Leeds, not to mention overpriced rail fares!

Karl Holmes

Leeds has had serious lack of investment over the years considering it’s supposed to be the second biggest financial city to London. It’s about time, all the building/regeneration is just a start to catch up with everyone else.

Dave Hogarth

Another important cog in the wheel which will help the regeneration of this part of town. Great design which sits well with its surroundings, and means an end to ‘the long way round’ for thousands of workers/residents.

Steve Moss

London spends several billion a year in infrastructure. So in the grand scheme it’s nothing. The city is expanding south and needs the infrastructure to support it.

Agnes Briggs

It looks ridiculous and how is that going to save time for travellers, is it something out of Star Trek – beam me up, Scottie? The money could have gone to much better use.