Nearly half of YEP readers think UK will suffer economically outside of EU, according to Google survey

Theresa May leaves an EU summit in Brussels last month.
Theresa May leaves an EU summit in Brussels last month.
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We’re sticking to our guns – that’s the message on Brexit from Yorkshire Evening Post readers.

A total of 1,800 visitors to the YEP website have in recent weeks been asked for their views on the UK’s forthcoming departure from the European Union.

And an analysis of the replies shows an overwhelming majority believe they backed the right side in 2016’s era-defining referendum, with nearly 90 per cent of those questioned saying they would vote the same way if it was held again.

However, only 18.5 per cent said they were happy with the state of the negotiations on Brexit.

Nearly 50 per cent believe the UK will suffer economically outside the EU, with 39.4 per cent saying the country will be better off after leaving while 11.4 per cent thought that little would change.

Asked if the UK should still be part of the EU’s single market post-Brexit, 56.1 per cent said yes, 32.3 per cent said no while 11.7 per cent were unsure.

Of the YEP readers surveyed, 36.6 per cent voted Remain in 2016’s referendum, with 32.7 per cent backing Leave.

Just over 30 per cent did not vote or preferred not to say which side they backed.

Leeds residents cast 50.3 per cent of their votes in favour of Remain in the referendum.

YEP readers were asked for their opinions on Brexit as part of a poll of nearly 220,000 users of Johnston Press, Newsquest and Trinity Mirror websites that was carried out in association with Google Surveys.