Nature watchers have captured a terrapin turtle in the Leeds Liverpool Canal - but can you spot it in this picture?

You're more likely to spot plastic pollution in the canal in Leeds than exotic wildlife these days.

By Susie Beever
Tuesday, 30th July 2019, 8:56 am
Can you spot the terapin in the Leeds Liverpool Canal
Can you spot the terapin in the Leeds Liverpool Canal

But a nature spotter has pictured something far more exciting than a floating Pepsi bottle.

Roger Cliff pictured a terrapin in the Leeds Liverpool Canal near Rodley during last week's heatwave. You'll just have to look really hard to see it.

The freshwater turtle can be seen on a branch sticking out of the water in the centre of the photograph.

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Roger said: "You don't get many terrapin turtles down at the canal, and we would never have spotted this one if it hadn't been for a couple who had their binoculars focused on something on the far bank.

"It makes you wonder how it got there.

"This was last Wednesday in the heatwave and I was more interested in the shoals of small roach and perch, which were everywhere just basking in the warm weather just below the surface."