‘Mystery prankster’ leaves bike on top of Leeds development

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It is one of the biggest developments in Leeds for decades and is set to become a city centre landmark.

However, the Trinity shopping centre development was the target of a practical joke on Wednesday as a mountain bike was found attached to its roof.

Elanor Guzick, a project assistant working in the City Exchange opposite, told the YEP she was amazed to see the bike on top of the development when she looked out from her office.

She said: “Right up on top of the roof, on what would be the frame of the building, was a mountain bike.

“It was stood up vertically on the frame and the workers on the site were gathered around and staring at it. It seemed to be a prank that someone had done.”

Later in the day the bike was taken down by workers on the Trinity site.

The identity of the daredevil involved and how the bike got there in the first place, however, remains a mystery.

After being temporarily halted due to the recession, the Trinity scheme is due to open in spring 2013 and will create one million square feet of retail space.

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