My dream Leeds home was worth wait of 23 years

Elizabeth Eccles outside her new dream home in Pudsey.
Elizabeth Eccles outside her new dream home in Pudsey.
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As house swaps go, this one is a real dream!

Elizabeth Eccles is finally savouring the joys of her ideal home, almost a quarter of a century after she first laid eyes on it.

And she did it by part-exchanging her previous home in Pudsey.

Her dream bungalow in Pudsey has a unique history of its own, having previously been used as a quarry house and, more recently, a base for a funeral service.

The funeral directors – Jayne E Verity – are now based in a former pub and nightclub building – the former Mick Britton’s – after an extensive refurbishment.

And after renting out the bungalow for a while, they decided to put it up for sale.

As a full upgrade was not financially viable, Miss Eccles said she was happy to negotiate the unusual exchange agreement when it was mooted by the seller.

Miss Eccles, 65, who is married to Leeds councillor Richard Lewis, said the “beautiful” house had been worth the wait.

“We weren’t going to move,” she said.

“But I came to live in Pudsey 23 years ago and this was the house I had always thought I would buy.

“I used to walk past it and always wanted to cry!

“But it never came up for sale until I was 65.”

“It was the people who had it who said ‘how about a swap’?” she added.

“They had actually moved out because she was a funeral director and they were working from the house.

“But they could not put a chapel of rest in it so it was empty for quite some time.”

The house is a bungalow which was previously an old quarry house, and sits in an acre and a half of attached land.

Miss Eccles, a former social worker, said: “[The sellers] wanted to make it easier for us to get the house because I have been waiting for it for 23 years.

“We iffed and butted for a while as you do with these things.

“Now we are in it I have got it nice and cosy.

“We have ploughed all our money into it.

“But it was worth the wait!”

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