Musician's new video parodies everyday annoyances

Arron Healy is a 30-year-old Leeds musician
Arron Healy is a 30-year-old Leeds musician
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A Leeds musician has released a comedy rap song about his pet hates in everyday life.

Dog fouling, running out of teabags, and cheese and onion pasties with 'barely any filling' are all gripes mentioned in Arron Healy's track, Tear My Hair Out, which he has posted onto Youtube.

Filmed in East End Park and with a heavy bass backdrop, the video shows the 30-year-old listing everyday annoyances as he walks the streets of the estate.

"This song began by me getting annoyed at something really small and thinking of irrational anger. That morphed into everyday things that annoy me and it went from there. A friend suggested making a video of me walking around in black and white which was fairly easy to do. I think people will find this song really relateable and hopefully funny!" said Arron, who has played in several local bands over the years.

Here are Arron's top bugbears. Do you agree with them?

- Running out of tea bags

- Waiting more than 10 minutes for a bus

- Being charged £1 for paying by card

- Catching a bike pedal on a bollard

- Having to buy a belt to make jeans fit

- Losing hair in the shower

- People walking really slowly in front of you

- Crying at your bank balance when you want a Domino's pizza

- Cheese and onion pasties with barely any filling

- People who windmill at gigs

- The words 'banter' and 'bants'

- Trapping facial hair in a ring-pull

- Forgetting your headphones when you go to the gym

- People who film themselves doing a good deed

- Guys that stare at your girlfriend thinking 'what's she doing with him?'

- Being forced into group activities

- The extortionate price of coffee shops

- Forgetting to boil the kettle and pouring in a Pot Noodle

- People who don't pick up their dog's mess