Mum's outrage as she spots unconscious street drinker while shopping

Kirty Kane saw a man unconscious on a bench in Armley
Kirty Kane saw a man unconscious on a bench in Armley
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A horrified mum has spoken of her shock after seeing a man unconscious on a bench while doing her weekly food shop.

Kirsty Kane responded to a photo of two men who had passed out on the pavement of Armley Town Street after drinking heavily.

She claims to have seen similar sights when shopping with her young son in the area in broad daylight.

"I was very shocked and disgusted after leaving Heron Foods to find a man passed out drunk on a bench. Me and my son usually sit there while we wait for our taxi home, and I have seen the street drinkers a few times shouting between themselves, but never passed out," said Kirsty.

"I believe kids should know the good and the bad things in life to be educated and also to teach them to be humble, but I do not like seeing this on a regular basis. It is getting worse and I'm sick of my child and other people in the community seeing this.

"Before we went into Herons I saw them drinking white lighting out of a bag.

"The man passed out was with two other men and when they couldn't get him up they left him. He could have been hurt or caused harm to others when he woke up. This was between 4.30 and 5pm, and happened two days in a row."

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