Mum doesn't know of child deaths horror

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A mum still doesn't know her three children were killed in a house fire more than four weeks ago.

Samantha Hudson, 27, from Fitzwilliam near Pontefract, remains critically ill in hospital after the blaze at a house in Bridlington last month which killed her sons William, nine, Anthony, five, and three-year-old daughter Maddie.

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She is now breathing without the help of a ventilator but is still in an induced coma.

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Miss Hudson's boyfriend Andy Martin, 44, who is from Bramley, Leeds, said he does not know who will tell her the dreadful news when she finally wakes.

He told the YEP: "It's a case of whoever is there. If her family is there when they do bring her round, they could be the ones. If she comes round and it's only the nurses there, they are duty-bound to tell her.

"She idolised her children, we both did. It was a privilege to be part of their lives."

The children were buried in three white coffins at a funeral in Bridlington on November 29.

Insp Colin Waddington, of Humberside Police, said the children were laid to rest in their pyjamas and added: "They went to bed and sadly never woke up."

Miss Hudson and her children lived in Second Avenue at Fitzwilliam until she moved to Bridlington last October.

Mr Martin said: "I was planning to ask her to marry me on January 18, a year after we got together.

"I'm hoping still to propose to her. I would like to still do it on January 18. We were going to spend Christmas together and then move to the Pontefract or Castleford area together."

Mystery still surrounds how the fire started just before midnight on November 11.

Mr Martin said: "We don't know whether she will remember or not. It's just a waiting game until she comes out of the coma as to what pieces of the jigsaw she can add.

"The police know where the fire started - in the living room - but they don't know how,

"It's accidental, but they still haven't got a clue how it started."

Mr Martin, a lorry driver, said Miss Hudson had only been in the house for six weeks when tragedy struck and that she wasn't insured.

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