Mum charged with murder of toddler in Bradford 'too ill' to attend court

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A young mum charged with the murder of her 18-month-old boy after he plunged to his death out of a sixth-floor window was 'too poorly' to attend a hearing this morning.

Gemma Procter, 23, who is alleged to have murdered Elliot Procter on October 21, did not attend the hearing, listed as a mention, at Bradford Crown Court.

Several people, believed to be her family, packed into the public gallery to hear a judge adjourn the case until January 8.

Prosecuting, Kama Melly QC said Miss Procter, of Newcastle House, Bradford, will be fit to plea on March 6 next year.

She said: "We have had a discussion with Mr Keeley QC [representing Procter]. We would propose that we return to this case on January 8 for a further directions hearing.

"By that stage, the Crown will have fully considered what further evidence we need to serve in this case.

"Then return to court on March 6 by which point we should have both reports from the experts.

"By that date, Miss Procter will be fit to plea and the trial date of April 16 can be kept if it's needed."

Judge Durham Hall QC The Recorder of Bradford said: "It's clear that the hearings are concentrated on the extreme possibility of a trial for murder, considering the question of the extent of her responsibility, diminished or otherwise at the time.

"The problem we have is managing the trial process. Directions will be made on March 6, that is crunch time.

"We have to advise about the realities of this case and who can lead a trial on April 16.

"If there is to be a murder trial there will be a High Court judge that comes to deal with this case, otherwise it will stay with me. That would be my firm recommendation.

"I could not possibly do anything meaningful today. I will make directions about everything else on January 8.

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