Morrisons launches Volcanic Vindaloo - the hottest ever ready meal curry

The hottest ready meal ever: Photo: Morrisons
The hottest ready meal ever: Photo: Morrisons
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Morrisons has launched the 'hottest supermarket curry in the UK' - dubbed the Volcanic Vindaloo.

The curry, available in stores including Leeds and Sheffield, costs £1.50 and is made using the world's hottest chilli - the Naga.

The packets carry a 16+ age rating

The packets carry a 16+ age rating

Naga chillis have a Scoville rating of up to one million, which is 200 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce or a Jalapeno.

In fact, the dish is so hot that it actually comes with a warning label.

Some Naga chilli variants are so hot that they are used in tear gas grenades.

The dish has been given an age warning - only those over the age of 16 are advised to attempt to eat it.

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