More water woes in the pipeline at Leeds city tower block

West Point in Leeds city centre.
West Point in Leeds city centre.
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Angry residents at a troubled city centre tower block finally have running water again.

After more than 24 hours with no water on one of the hottest days of the year, people at West Point Apartments on Wellington Street had their supply restored at 5pm yesterday.

But managers of the property have warned that taps could run dry again in the future as they wrestle with a long-standing problem with the pipes.

Charles Lucas, technical director at Mainstay, which manages the site, said: “There is a strong possibility it could happen again.

“This is the third time that it has happened in 18 months.

“If we were to take out the pipe work to try and prevent it from happening again, it would lead to the same thing.

“We have got parts on site so we can sort problems quickly but we are in between a rock and a hard place.”

He added: “We absolutely want to apologise for the inconvenience caused to the apartments affected.

“It is never a good time to lose a mains water supply, particularly when the weather is like this.”

Water was shut off on Wednesday morning due to a fractured joint on a mains water pipe coming in to the building, and Portaloos and bottled water were delivered for residents.

Mr Lucas said: “We did the repair within four to six hours but the manufacturer guidelines say that water has to remain off for 24 hours.”

Resident Martin Wall said: “I’ve lived here for two years but we are not thinking of renewing our contract.

“I was absolutely furious when I heard the news.

“It’s ridiculous that it’s happened a third time.”

In May last year, residents were without running water for over a week.

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