Monty’s brush with death from metal spike

Andy Pentith with his spaniel Monty wqho he carrued after the dog was injured
Andy Pentith with his spaniel Monty wqho he carrued after the dog was injured
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Little spaniel Monty has made an impressive recovery after being impaled on a one-metre metal spike while walking in Roundhay Park - missing a major artery by just 2mm.

Horrified owner Andy Pentith heard a yelp after the engertic pooch bounded into some undergrowth by the Castle Folly in the park, and followed him to discover the grisly scene.

Vet David Massey with the spike.

Vet David Massey with the spike.

He said: “I could see it going into his leg and as I moved around I saw it coming out the other side, by about four or five inches. It had gone straight through. It was not nice. I just thought ‘How on earth am I going to get him back to the car park?’”

Luckily a kind passerby answered Andy’s calls for help and together they carried ten-year-old Monty the three-quarters-of-a-mile to the car. He said: “As I picked up the dog, he carried the railing. Even though he’s a small dog, he actually weights quite a bit.”

Andy, of Alberta Avenue, Chapel Allerton, carefully drove to nearby Vets4Pets, on Easterly Road, where vet David Massey immediately cleared the afternoon appointments so he could perform surgery on Monty.

David said: “It was a tense cautious operation due to the precarious position of the spike.

“It’s not a regular occurrence to see a dog with a horrific injury like that.”

But the operation was a success and Monty is now back to full strength. A relieved Andy said: “He’s now absolutely fine. He’s running around like a silly thing and enjoying life, which is the best way forward. Vet David added: “Monty has made a fantastic recovery and showed an extraordinary level of bravery right from the start. Our clients were very understanding of the situation and the whole team came through to help Monty.”

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