Mobile experience is a recipe for success with Leeds agency Bolser

Ashley Bolser.
Ashley Bolser.

As Leeds digital agency Bolser celebrates success in the UK with its work on the KFC Colonel’s Club app, managing director Ashley Bolser writes for Digital City about the industry’s responsibility to improve the customer’s digital experience.

Let’s start by recognising that most digital experiences are poor.

At a recent event, our design client at EE pointed out that he felt 90 per cent of all things digital aren’t fit for purpose.

It’s a sorry state when there is so much hunger for online engagement from the consumer and they’re being let down.

That said, at least brands are starting to wake up to it.

One of the biggest frustrations for me is that there seems to be minimal commitment in the industry to sufficiently develop mobile experiences.

Ask yourself the question; have you ever had to revert back to the laptop just to finish a job that couldn’t be achieved using your mobile? This just isn’t acceptable in this day and age!

Apps that should be great, just don’t work as well as they could.

Working on the KFC Colonel’s Club app, we knew we needed to look at this from a fresh perspective and really think about the user experience, prioritising functionality and features.

In doing this we have successfully enhanced their loyalty app for their customers and significantly improved their results.

Bolser’s approach was to see how it worked in the real world.

Actively engaging in user testing in restaurants and reviewing negative feedback enabled us to understand the core needs of KFC’s customers.

Learning how customers interacted with the app and how they wanted to redeem loyalty was key to this.

Using the member’s unique QR code, the app rewards customers for spending as they collect stamps in the form of chicken drumsticks that fall into the iconic KFC bucket.

Gamified animations show the collection of stamps, while celebration screens are used to highlight a user’s success in reaching free rewards.

Offers and saved rewards have been made clearer and more easily accessible to encourage repeat purchases.

Improved processes in adding receipts at a later date allows for purchasing data to be captured after the time of the transaction.

Our designers reflected the KFC look and feel, its history and the famous “finger-lickin’ good” chicken throughout the app.

Clear and accessible rewards resulted in a 60 per cent improvement in iOS downloads and active sessions increasing by 53 per cent, bringing previously dormant customers back into the buying cycle.

KFC is a brilliant client and this is an opportunity for them to build on this, and turn positive sentiment to drive repeat purchase.

To utilise the app as part of the comms mix, to create positive brand advocacy and to illustrate the cultural values of the brand to their young demographic audience was a real honour and a fun challenge.

Our unique in-house psychological insights enable us to really get under the skin of the user experience and deliver results based on scientific research.

We have worked in partnership with KFC, providing our digital expertise to enhance their commitment to delivering first-class loyalty to their customers.

This is what digital experience needs – particularly with regards to mobile. Commitment.