Men from Leeds wanted to be Butlers In The Buff for £25 an hour

Could you be a Buff Butler?
Could you be a Buff Butler?
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Calling all Leeds men - Butlers in the Buff needs you!

The company has seen a surge in demand and is currently recruiting for new buff butlers.

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Butlers can earn £25 an hour or more, and open auditions are being held every Friday in May, June and July via WhatsApp or Skype video call.

Stacey Bramhall, Director and head of recruitment for Butlers in the Buff, said: “We can’t believe there aren’t more hot guys in the area that are interested in earning some easy money!

“We’ve been running for more than 16 years now and we have some great guys from Leeds already working for us, but now as the demand for Butlers in the Buff rises, we need more buff guys.

“The job is a lot of fun, and perfect for a confident guy with a great body, plus just a great way to earn a bit of extra cash.

“So don’t be shy and apply today!”

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Butlers wear a trademark uniform of bow tie, collar, cuffs and apron... and nothing else!

They will learn to be experts in etiquette, serving drinks, mixing cocktails and helping play party games - with no dancing or stripping required.

They can be hired for a variety of events from hen parties to birthdays and more.

Butler in the Buff Harry, from Derbyshire, said: “I love working as a Butler in the Buff!

“I get paid to go to parties and talk to fun people.

“It is all very professional and not at all sleazy - just a great way to make lots of extra money and meet interesting people.

“The money is great - I earn more attending a two hour party that I do from working in a bar for the whole night, and I can attend more than one event a night!”

Applications are open to men aged 21 and over. Anyone interested in becoming a Butler in the Buff should visit the website, to fill in an application form, attaching some recent photos. Successful applicants will then be invited for interview.

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