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How old is your hair?

Well, surprisingly, no matter how long it is, it’s almost certainly younger than ten years old!

That’s because our scalp is constantly growing new hairs and shedding old ones.

Trichologist Tony Maleedy explained: "Hair grows at 0.33cm a day, it’s the second fastest growing part of the body after cells in the intestine, so that’s up to 12cm a year.

"The normal growing phase for most people is between three and five years so their hair would, if left uncut, grow between 36cm and 60cm in total, however, some people can grow their hair very much longer than this and hair over 10 years old is occasionally seen."

But, despite this, our hair changes as we get older, from the number on our head to the thickness, condition, colour and overall structure.



In your 20s

Your hair should be, literally, your crowning glory in your 20s, with thick and lustrous locks but it’s also the time when many of us are unintentionally damaging our hairthrough the use of heated styling products, over-styling and frequent partying.

It’s also the time that we experiment with new styles and colours before settling on our “signature” look.

The key to keeping hair in tip-top condition throughout our 20s is balancing the potential damage with deep, nourishing conditioners, specially formulated to leave hair feeling soft and smooth without adding extra weight or leaving it feeling greasy.






This luxurious hair mask is made with organic avocado oil and organic honey to help restore your hair from roots to ends while enhancing its structure and softness for a beautiful attractive glow.

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In your 30s

For many women, this is the stage of life when looking after hair takes second place to our hectic lifestyles – often involving babies, work and general family life.

Post-partum hair loss following pregnancy can leave hair looking and feeling less vibrant and not as thick as it was.

And, of course, for many of us, we have the memorable “is that a grey hair??” moment, when we discover our first silver strand.

We’re often more aware of what we put in and on our bodies, looking for naturally-better beauty products with ethical credentials.




A unique organic hair tonic formulation that helps stimulate both the hair and scalp.

Smooth split ends, enhance shine & give body to fine, flyaway hair, whilst also soothing dry and itchy scalps.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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In your 40s

A decade with more changes as we approach the peri-menopause and the hormonal havoc it can wreak on our bodies, leaving hair, in particular, thinner and dryer than ever before.

But, it’s not all bad news, for often our 40s are when we feel most confident as a woman, secure and happy in our looks and lives.

Many choose to experiment again with hairstyles and colours to reflect current trends, with the experience and knowledge to help us make potentially better choices than we did in our teens!

Now is a good time to add an intense moisturising boost to your haircare regime with a n intense mask treatment once a week.


A repairing treatment for damaged hair.



Designed to repair and condition damaged hair.

With extracts of wild thistle, the national flower of Scotland, and wild organic Siberian cedar from Natura Siberica’s organic farm in Khakassia.

Wild thistle extract deeply moisturises hair and Siberian cedar extract makes hairstronger and healthier.

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In your 50s

So, not only are we dealing with the hormonal effects of the menopause which can leave our hair dry and brittle, we may also notice it looks thinner with noticeably less volume.

It’s a good time to talk to your hairdresser and see if a change of style will help your hairlook fuller.

Colour formulated shampoos and conditioners are good to help keep the shine and intensity of dyed hair longer.




A leave-in intensive anti-ageing and restorative treatment.

Formulated with natural and organic plant and seed oils and extracts, Naturtint’s Anti-Ageing CC Cream helps to combat the main signs of hair ageing and protect your hairfrom damage, heat, UV and pollution.

Your hair's natural keratin is restored, leaving it strong and full of shine. Hair looks and feels younger and your colour lasts longer.

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60s onwards

Scalps produce less sebum oil as we get older which can affect the condition of hair so keeping it well-conditioned is vital.

Look for shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for thin hair to ensure your hair isn’t left looking lank and lifeless.

Try: Oblepikha Conditioning Spray

A nourishing and repairing conditioning spray.



Nourishes hair and fills it with essential moisture, protects from heat exposure during hot styling whilst repairing damage in hair structure.

Makes brushing easier, with silk protein to seal the hair surface.

Vitamins and amino-acids in the spray formula nourish and repair hair, Altai sea-buckthorn oil, Moroccan Argan oil and oil of white Siberian flaxseed help produce keratin, which makes hair strong and shiny.

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