Meat cleaver terror in Leeds pub beer garden

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A man caused terror in a pub beer garden when he went on the rampage with a meat cleaver and threatened to cut people’s heads off.


Mark Wray, 50, pulled out the weapon and ran at a group of middle aged men who were quietly enjoying their drinks outside the Midway pub Yeadon.

Leeds Crown Court heard the men fled in terror as Wray waved the weapon around and shouted abuse at them.

Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting, said: “He was angry and aggressive and shouting and swearing at them. He said’ I will cut all your heads off.’”

One of the victims later told the police: “I was scared and my heart was banging.”

Wray then left and returned to his flat next door to the pub and continued to shout abuse

The court heard Wray had lost his temper over a “macho squabble” the previous evening after people he believed had been in the pub banged on the door of his flat.

The men Wray threatened were nothing to do with the earlier disturbance.

Wray told police that he had got it into his head that the people in the beer garden were associated with people who had threatened him.

He pleaded guilty to affray and possession of an offensive weapon.

Wray has previous convictions for violence and public disorder offences. In 1990 he was jailed for five years for manslaughter over an incident in which a man was killed during a pub attack.

Wray was given a 16-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and was made the subject of a six-month curfew order.

Recorder Mark McKone said: “To think what was going through your mind to take a meat cleaver when you had previously killed a man in a pub beggars belief.”