Massive queues as Leeds shoppers go crazy for Black Friday

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Shoppers queued through the night to get their hands on the latest consumer desirables as Leeds went Black Friday crazy.

Leeds-based Asda claimed that this year’s event had been three times bigger and better than last year, having doubled its Black Friday range, to 700,000 items.

Shoppers grab bargain TV's on offer at ASDA Pudsey on Black Friday. Picture by Tony Johnson

Shoppers grab bargain TV's on offer at ASDA Pudsey on Black Friday. Picture by Tony Johnson

Nationally the chain saw more two million transactions carried, something they said was the busiest single trading day of the year so far.

In the first two hours alone it sold over 10,000 tablets alone.

In Batley there were heavy crowds at the town’s Tesco store resulting in chaotic scenes.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed officers were called to the scene following reports of a disturbance at the store at 11.50pm on Thursday.

Asda shoppers line up to buy goods

Asda shoppers line up to buy goods

Video footage showed people clambering over each other to grab television sets. Police remained at the store to monitor the situation but no arrests were made.

And discount store Netto sold out of its £100 Samsung 24 “ TV screens within the first hour at its Leeds branch.

A spokesman revealed that one lady came for just a bag of carrots and bought a TV, two sets of Sony speakers, some headphones and a Galaxy Note.

However much of the attention of the day was paid to the unruly behaviour of crowds wtih police called to many supermarkets around the country and a number of arrests made.

At an Asda store in Wembley, London, there were people injured as crowds surged.

A spokesperson said: “We do not condone the behaviour of a very small number of people in our Wembley store this morning.

“Despite our extensive planning and additional security colleagues there was an isolated incident when the store opened.”

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