Manchester terror attack: ‘This was an attack on us all’ says Leeds Imam

A woman leaves flowers outside St Ann's Church in Manchester. PIC: PA
A woman leaves flowers outside St Ann's Church in Manchester. PIC: PA
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A Leeds Imam today condemned the terror attack in Manchester saying it was an ‘attack on all of us.’

Qari Asim MBE, Imam of Leeds Makkah Mosque and independent member of the Government’s Anti-Muslim Hatred working group, said: “The victims of the horrific attack on Manchester Arena are very much in our thoughts and prayers. This was an attack on all of us. We absolutely condemn the barbaric acts of an individual determined to spread hate and prejudice across the world.

“The senseless murder of innocents is utterly deplorable. With each mass murder, the terrorists deliberately seek to foster hatred and suspicion. They hope our societies restrict the very values and freedoms that define our democracy. Through their vile actions, the terrorists have yet again shown no regard for any religion or humanity.”

He added: “The amazing response of the emergency services and ordinary local citizens, from taxi drivers to passers-by, has shown just how resilient Manchester is as a city.

“I hope that people of all faiths and none will continue to stand together against these attackers and what they represent. We must not let them win by creating the divisions they so desperately seek to sow. We have much #MoreInCommon than that which divides us.”

Qari Muhammad Asim MBE is chief Imam at Leeds’ Makkah mosque and a senior lawyer at global law firm, DLA Piper.

He is the only Imam in country who leads daily prayers at the mosque and also works full-time in the corporate world.