Man who stored bullets in sock jailed

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A man has been jailed for seven years after police raided his Leeds home and found a gun and 50 deadly ‘dum dum’ bullets, designed to cause horrendous injuries.

Officers also seized heroin and the drug mkat in the swoop at Adrian Robertson’s home on Sholebrook Mount, Chapeltown.

Robertson, 24, stored the bullets, which expand on impact to cause maximum injury, on behalf of serious organised criminals involved in the illegal drugs trade. The ammunition was found in a sock.

Leeds Crown Court heard moving testimony from Robertson’s stepfather, James Taylor, who said that Robertson came from a hard working, loving and supportive family.

Mr Taylor described the offences as out of character and said his stepson had been left devastated at the trouble he brought on his family.

Robertson’s solicitor urged judge Geoffrey Marson to take an “exceptional course” of not imposing a minimum five year term for possessing an illegal firearm.

Sentencing Robertson, judge Marson said: “This is a very difficult case. I have absolutely no doubt that you come from a loving, decent, hard-working family.”

He added: “I cannot accept that there are exceptional circumstances here. The sad fact is that you retained this weapon when you were associating with serious criminals.”

Referring to the bullets he said: “A significant portion of this was expanding ammunition. It has no purpose other than to cause devastating injury and kill, When these cartridges are fired, upon impact with someone’s body, they are designed to expand, causing horrendous and death. You were helping those dealers to avoid detection.”

Stephanie Hancock, prosecuting, said police executed a search warrant the home were Robertson lives with his parents and two sisters last November.

Robertson ran to his room and tried to hide the items.

A box of bullets was found hidden in a sock.

A pistol and the drugs were found when the property was searched further.

He later told officers he had found the gun and ammunition but then refused to comment further.

He pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited firearm, two offences of possessing expanding ammunition, possessing heroin and possessing mkat with intent to supply.

Andrew Foley, mitigating, said Robertson acquired the gun after being told someone had dropped it in a park. Mr Foley said he took it home to play with but had no intention of using it. He said the weapon fired different ammunition to that which was found at his home.

The lawyer said Robertson was given the bullets and drugs to look after by people who supplied him with cannabis.

Mr Foley added: “He felt it better to agree rather than not. He was told it would be collected within a matter of days.”

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