Man on trial charged with one-punch manslaughter in Leeds street

Gerard Adeshida.
Gerard Adeshida.
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A MAN charged with the one-punch manslaughter of an identical twin in a Leeds street told police he struck out in self defence, a court heard.

A Leeds Crown Court jury was told David Powell, 27, punched 37-year-old Gerard Adeshida in the jaw on Ladypit Lane at Beeston just after 6pm on August 23.

Mr Adeshida fell back and hit his head on the road, causing a skull fracture and fatal brain injury.

Powell of Clovelly Grove, Beeston, is standing trial charged with manslaughter, which he denies.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sharp said Gerard and his identical twin brother Keiron were “probably alcoholics” and had been drinking strong cider before going out walking in Beeston on August 23.

Powell was driving in his new car with three friends and they were playing loud music.

The jury was told Gerard swore loudly at the car as it passed as he believed the occupants were making fun of him.

The car slowed and Keiron Adeshida apologised to Powell, but his brother Gerard carried on swearing.

Mr Sharp said Powell stopped the car in the middle of the road, jumped out and approached the brothers with his fists clenched.

Gerard, who had lived with his twin brother all his life, tried to defuse the situation, but Powell remained angry and punch Gerard to the jaw the jury was told.

Mr Sharp said police found Powell the next day and he said he did punch Gerard. Mr Sharp said Powell claimed to have stopped the car because there was something wrong with it and saw two men approaching him aggressively, adding: “He claimed one was making threats to cut him and made a sudden gesture, and so he punched that man in order to defend himself.”