Man groped woman on Leeds street

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A man convicted of groping a woman in the street has been told to keep his hands to himself.

Lascelles Anthony Powell got into conversation with his victim because he caught a bus around the same time as her on occasions in the centre of Leeds.

On one such occasion he asked for her number which she refused to give him, but after shaking hands with her and saying it was nice to meet her, he gave her a bus ticket with his number on, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Subsequently on another occasion, Nicholas Worsley prosecuting told an earlier hearing, Powell got off the bus near her and called to her asking why she had not been in touch.

On March 19 she saw Powell again and he started shouting at her in an angry way, scaring her and demanding to know why she had not contacted him.

She tried to walk away and said she was not going to get in touch at that he forced her against a wall at the side of an alley.

Mr Worsley said the woman, in her 20s, told Powell to get off her which seemed to anger him further.

He then put his hand under her coat over her clothing and started running his hands up and down over the front of her body.

Powell, 45, was found guilty of sexual assault by a jury having denied the offence.

Graham Parkin representing Powell told the judge at the earlier hearing he had begun to realise his perceptions and those of society had diverged and was willing to comply in future.

Imposing a six months prison sentence suspended for 12 months with 200 hours unpaid work Judge James Spencer QC told Powell: “You will have to recognise you must keep your hands to yourself and must not carry out behaviour of this kind on women who do not want to partake. It’s your responsibility to make sure you don’t offend.”

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